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Chapter 41 – “Praise and Give Thanks” Epilogue

“Never forget the blessings!”
Praise the Lord, my soul,
    and forget not all his benefits—

(Psalms 103:2)

I wrote this “Praise and Give Thanks” to praise the Lord for letting me meet these valuable people in my life for about a month now. A.W. Tozer had once said, “Those who have affected my life, their faces were shining with light.” Those who affected my life, not only shined in their faces, but also showed how “true love in Christ” is to be done.

There is a saying in Western culture that “Thanking immediately, is like thanking twice.” But I know that there are people who have helped me, encourage me, and raising me whom I couldn’t because there is no contact. I have contacted those whom I knew are still living to this day. I thanked again to those whom I wrote about, and to see there were any correction, to see if I wrote something wrong or to remove anything burdensome.

I do regret that “Praise and Give Thanks” could not include more people then I have wished to write, and please do forgive me on that.
I shall write a thank you note to my wife in the 2nd chapter. I give thanks to my wife that she was a great helper in my ministry in Korea, or even in United States. During the retreats of Youth Born Again, Korea and United States, I have ministered many young adults. When I was planting churches, she had helped greatly. She had supported me throughout the hard times with patience.

I wrote “Praise and Give Thanks” because I had read a magazine article and was inspired greatly very long time ago called “My Friends Half a Century” which was published by “Shin Dong-A Newspaper”. They had done an interview with my most respected, Reverend KyungJik Han after his retirement. Also I read last year a book that was an interview of Reverend Han, called “My Thanks”. The two books’ contents were, Reverend Han writing about people who have influenced his life greatly and thanking them. I thought it would be a great thing to write down how God had saved me and led me from sin. Also to never forget those few very important people that had influenced my life.

God had blessed me with many things.

Not just with the worldly things, but also the newly born again life, through our Lord Jesus Christ. He gave me a life to live in hope of everlasting life. He gave me the purpose of passing the good news.  I give thanks to God that I was able to live with the help of those whom God had valued. My remaining life is to serve my freely received grace and love to raise new workers of God. I also wish that I would be like the fore-goers and co – workers who showed their love.

I wish to write the 3 years I had spent in CHA (Church Health Academy) with many thankful things, but I wish to write that in the 2nd chapter. To God, and to everyone who had helped me, I give my sincere thanks!

(February 2011)
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